What will I get out of karate?



The fitness side comes automatically as you progress at training.  A common saying we have is the hardest part is coming through the door.  Once you are there you are absorbed by how much you can learn while getting fit.



Patterns of basic techniques showing the effectiveness of the kihon (basic techniques) we learn.  Starting at Tiakiyoko Ichi through to Sushiho, depending on your grade, you can learn so much about karate from within these kata. 

Lifelong friendships


Come and join like minded people.  Kyokushin karate-ka have a reputation of  being friendly, compassionate people who share a love of life.

Perserverance, Focus, Balance, Co-ordination


All important to maintain balance within yourself; not only in your karate but also in everyday life. Perserverance is an important factor in our style.  The never give up attitude paves the way for excellence in your growth as a person.

Kihon (basic techniques)

The cornerstone of Kyokushin Karate.  To master the basics, will set you up in good stead for all other aspects of karate.


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